ESD 112 replaces professional development enrollment system

Levi Baker, Brant Russell, and Dan Sorensen: the ESD 112 developers behind pdEnroller.

For 10 years ESD 112 licensed software to manage all of the agency’s courses and events. This software was accessed from the ESD 112 public website and provided registration services for over 15,000 users attending over 7,000 classes that were held in the Conference and Institute Center. However, this old system was beginning to show its age, becoming increasingly costly to use and difficult to manage.

To meet the growing requirements for managing our courses and events, a team of ESD 112 developers, lead by Brant Russell, have created a brand new program called Professional Development Enroller. pdEnroller is a mobile-friendly web service for event registration, payment, clock hour approval and clock hour recording. It has an attractive interface, is easy to use and adds much needed functionality for registrars and administrators.

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  • Kathy Rohrer says:

    The new enrollment program sounds so cool; but how did Danny & the kids grow up so fast & get so clever?

  • Marge Cartwright says:

    Good job, guys! Hope it leads to even more applications.

  • Jon Nelson says:

    Sure sounds good. I reckon we must have been ready for an update. Pretty impressive what the inhouse staff have built. Lot of skill there! I was around when we did our very first registration software. This looks a lot better! Congratulations!

    Jon Nelson

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